Klub pro obnovu Kolínské řepařské drážky

Klub pro obnovu Kolínské řepařské drážky



The project is supported by European Union regional operation programme.

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Kolin Sugar Beet Railroad

Ovčárecká Street, Kolin – Sendrazice, Czech Republic

Kolin sugar beet railroad was constructed in 1894 by Adolf Richter, a grand-son of knight Frantisek Horsky. It was the oldest railroad of this type in Bohemia. It used to lead from Kolin sugar rafinery that was on the place where Kolin power station Elektrarna is nowadays to Frantiskov (Ovcary), to Bychory and to Jestrabi Lhota. The total length was 10.6 km, the branch railtrack to Frantiskov was 0.9 km long. It served its purpose for almost 70 years.

How do you get to us?
From Kolin direction Ovcary (TPCA)

From Kolin railstation you can use bus no. 1 or 10 direction TPCA. Get off at the stop Sendrazice- Rozcesti and then walk along the road direction Ovcary (TPCA) for some 200 metres.

Bus no. 1: 8:35, 10:35, 12:35, 14:35, 16:35
Bus no. 10: 7:53, 8:53, 9:53, 10:53, 11:53, 12.53, 13.53, 14.53, 15.53 a 16:53

Kolin Sugar Beet Railroad offers:
  • Pleasure trains rides with a diesel or steam locomotive
  • Specialised custom-made rides (Mo-Su)
  • Trains and premises to be rent by companies
  • Family and Company celebrations, weddings events
  • Museum exhibition regarding history of narrow-gauge railroads
  • Information office
  • Refreshments

Price list
  Diesel functioning Steam functioning
Adults 90 CZK 100 CZK
Children(6 – 14) 50 CZK 60 CZK
Senior citizens 50 CZK 60 CZK
Families 260 CZK 300 CZK

Specialised custom-made rides:

Diesel functioning:
up to 25 people 1.600 CZK
above 25 people 80 CZK /person

Steam functioning:
preparation of the locomotive 6.000 CZK
fare: up to 30 people 2.500 CZK
above 30 people 90 CZK /person


Departures direction Býchory

Project of the reconstruction of Kolin sugar beet railroad

The Club for reconstruction of Kolin sugar beet railroad (KRD) inaugurated the functioning of the railraod by ceremonial opening on June 23, 2007.

The whole reconstruction was done by Konstav a.s., Kolin. On the premises of KRD you can find a newly built railway station with an information office and a small museum dedicated to the history of Kolin suger beet railroad, and an engine house serving as a round-house. Both the buildings were desinged in accordance with historical buildings of State Railway Company. The body of the rail has been reconstructed in the original way, so far up to 2 kilometres.

Pleasure trains are drawn by diesel locomotives BNE 50, BND 30 and BN 15R or by a steam narrow-gaugelocomotive BS 80 No.10.

The Club for reconstruction of KRD would like to extend the railroad to Bychory in the total length of 4.5 km in the second part of the reconstruction project.

In the surroundings there are beautiful walking paths and cycling tracks and in future there will be an informative trail built.

Klub pro obnovu Kolinske reparske drazky, o.s.
Seat of Club: Kuneticka 373, 280 00 Kolin 4
Adress: Ovčárecká Street, Kolín-Sendražice
Executive Head: Mr. Tomas Vanca

Orders, information:
(00420) 602 655 268 – Jana Zinkova,
(00420) 602 450 968 – Tomas Vanca

Tel./fax: (00420) 321 728 767

E-mail: reparskadrazka@centrum.cz